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NEPHTYS MATERIALS was founded to meet a permanent need of the market : supply the industries with the materials they need. One of today's technological challenges is associated with the performances of materials used in manufacturing new products :

- High quality to increase ever more the characteristics and follow the technological progress,
- Reduce the economic cost by optimizing the processes,
- Speeding up the R&D stage in order to reach the industrial stage of your products quicker.

Our company specializes in inorganic materials : metallic alloys, glasses and ceramics.

If you wish to outsource the development of your raw materials,
If you wish to improve the physical and chemical properties of your products,
If you wish to meet partners in order to better adjust to your clients' specifications,




We are open to listening to your PRODUCT problematics and designing the most appropriate MATERIALS response.

Based on a very flexible process, the plasma induction, the technology, which we master and which we offer you, will supply you the new materials without excessive obligations on your part : indeed, our flexibility allows us to meet your requests on short notice and at low costs for the first approach of development, and when your product is validated with the materials developed by us, we offer your to produce with the quantity you need.

Capability to develop and produce these following materials (no-exhaustive list) :

- Ingots of fused silica, mineral and synthetic, high purity.
- Ingots of alloy.
- Silicon carbide bulk.
- Improved composite components (spheres or fibers).
- High purity quartz powder getting amorphous and spherical.
- Silica tubes with decimetric, centimetric and micrometric size.
- Micrometric tubes and fibers.
- Nanopowders.
- Treatment and recycling of solid wastes.
- Treatment of surfaces.

The target activity fields are numerous :

-         Industrial packaging.
-         Building materials.
-         Aeronautics and Spatial.
-         Telecommunications.
-         Medical.
-         Semiconductors.
-         Glass.
-         Metallurgy.
-         Automotive.
-         Naval construction.
-         Nuclear.
-         Photonics.
-         Displays.

The materials performances we are able to offer you are (no-exhaustive list) :

-         High purity (ppb level : <10 milligram impurities per ton).
-         Homogeneous bulk doping at high content.
-         Low density.
-         Mechanical characteristics.
-         Infrared, visible or ultraviolet transmission.

Flexible, focused on your own technologic challenges, our team is relying on an international networking of scientific and technical skills to achieve the most adjusted materials.

THE WAY we would like initiate with you can be broken down in two stages :

Stage of development of the materials and validation of your product :

-         Definition of the technical specifications.
-         Determination of the NEPHTYS MATERIALS team involved in this project and of the collaboration with our scientific partners.
-         Reporting to our client with a planned schedule.
-         Validation of the product of the client with the developed material.

Stage of production of the validated material :

-         Definition of the price and annual quantity, and of the logistics and quality control procedures.
-         Setting up the dedicated fabrication units.
-         Production and delivery.

The interest of this method is that at the development stage, few costs are incurred. We take advantage of the versatility of our development units to offer a low cost development stage to our clients which requires no heavy investment. The production stage is a more expensive investment for our client, but risk is much lower because its product was validated. So, we allow our clients to reduce dramatically the costs of the development of new materials, allowing them to focus more on their products and applications.